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released January 24, 2017

Drums on track 5 - Ben Shafrir
Bass on track 5 - Jason Funston
Track 1 produced by Colin Bauer
All other sounds by Yali Bitan



all rights reserved


FELT Feutre Los Angeles, California

We Are All Made Up

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Track Name: Why Can't We Hate the Same Things?
I've been meaning to ask your favorite band
Please don't say The Strokes!
I try not to judge, but seriously
Please say that's a joke!

You like Harry Potter,
I like Lord of the Rings...
Why can't we hate the same things?
Track Name: Dominos
How does she know when it rains and it snows?
And she knows that nobody knows
Someone's been playing dominos
With my life
With my life

Despite several moments enhanced by you,
It couldn't make up for the jealousy and the abuse.
And now I fear that everybody knows,
That someone's been playing dominos
With my life
Track Name: Take Me From Me
The first time I did it with you
It felt like I always knew
Hold me close in your arms
Feel me pound in your heart

Our bodies collapse with no air
And your eyes deceive that you're not really there
Simply floating in sweet agony
Head to toe electricity

Take me from me won't you please?
Track Name: Protagonist
I'm out of focus and it's hard to breathe
Nobody knows what's underneath
Can't remember the last time I had a real conversation

Never no one's first choice
I hardly ever get in a word
Just cuz I have these kinds of thoughts
Doesn't mean I shouldn't be heard

It feels like I'm in somebody else's story
Nobody listens, they just ignore me
I gotta get out of this vicious cycle
Or I'll lose my mind to the end of a rifle

I'm all washed out
Not even one person
That I can call my friend
Well I got what I got
And I got what I deserve
So what's left to do but pretend?

It feels like I'm in somebody else's story
Nobody listens, they just ignore me
I gotta get out of this vicious cycle
Or I'll lose my mind to the end of a rifle
Track Name: She's Not (Anymore)
Give me a reason I cannot see
Why whether I live or die should cost money
What makes me more or less deserving than anybody else?
I'm not special, I'm just myself
Yeah, I'm no better than anybody else
I'm not more deserving than anybody else

It's too bad, unfortunately
Admit that your faith is not your reality
There are just too many factors out of your control
We live in an imperfect world
But together we can take control
Make the world a little better for every girl
Track Name: Breathe. Be.
You'll have weeks like these
When you doubt every move you make
And there'll be moments
When you feel your resolve start to break

But if you can find it in you
To hold your head up high
Look around, find the horizon
And you'll see why
Diffident clouds part ways for a while
To make way for a sunny sundae smile

Breathe. See.
Consider why you're meant to Be alive
Why would god put you here just to die?
Why? Why?

No matter what you do you'll regret it
So why bother? You're just gonna forget it
Every day's the same
You wake up
to go to work
to smoke some weed
to go to sleep
and then repeat
and then repeat
and then repeat
But what's the point of it all?

You're not happy
You don't care
They said you would
But you're not there
You're sick of waiting
What for?
The vague promise that there's more!?
You deserve better
Not gonna let her
Occupy the precious space
Where your memories clash with feelings
That have since been replaced
You're right on time
You're right on time
Now's the time
There's no line!
Free yourself from deep inside
Mental gates open wide
So you can

Consider why you're meant to be alive
No need to hold back anymore
Get high
To see within yourself
You can't lie
Is there any reason
Is there any reason
That anyone can do anything
And go everywhere and see everything?
Oh why?
Did god give us such a beautiful world
To live and die?